Visit to The New Theatre, Oxford

The New Theatre had an open day today, £9 each and you could wonder everywhere, back stage, dressing rooms, easily get lost. A complete rabbit warren of rooms and corridors.

tn_P1000523                    tn_P1000514

Well worth it, always wanted to see how all the scenery gets ‘lowered’ in etc. There were lots of staff on hand to answer questions, especially interesting were the lighting and mixing desks. Yea, I am a geek.

tn_P1000515                    tn_P1000519

tn_P1000521                     tn_P1000516

Then finished up across the road in The grapes pub, built in 1820, possibly one of the oldest pubs in Oxford.

tn_P1000513  And a nice couple of pints of 6X.

Visit to the BT Tower

Today we visited the BT, or, as was the Post Office tower in London. A bit of history here.


The trip was organised by BT, just had to donate some money to BT’s chosen charity and could have an hour up the tower. The weather was dry, a bit cloudy, but just OK for photo taking.

tn_P1000478                     tn_P1000485

Wembley Stadium far right                                 The London Eye

tn_P1000486                    tn_P1000477

Big Ben                                                                   Regent Park

tn_P1000496                  tn_P1000481


Afterwards we went to Treasures of Heaven exhibition at The British Museum.

And went to the Busaba Eathai,  restaurant just of the Tottenham Court Road for a nice meal, before getting home around 9.00pm.