News of The Squire Bassett, Kidlington

After the nice couple who had the Squire were forced out by the brewery putting up the rent a few months ago. Shame as they had turned it in to a nice pub, good food and a few groups or the landlord and regulars doing an impromptu keyboard ‘jamming’ session.
It had now returned to a dark, unwelcoming, pub with nothing good going for it. 

It was, we thought, only a matter of time before it was sold and turned into a block of flats.

BUT, now apparently the owners of either the Everest Nepalese Restaurant in Howards Street, off the Cowley Road or the Yeti Restaurant in Cowley Road has taken a TEN ?? year lease over the Squire and is turning it, or part of it, in to a Nepalese Restaurant, the pub, drinking bit, will still stay open.

Anyway more will be revealed on Friday 3rd February when it re-opens, so the sign hung outside informs.

UPDATE – Well the food looked nice, but unfortunately the £10 a head buffet was all booked and the Hobgoblin (take a look at the brewers web site here) was well and truly off, will go there soon, the menu looked extensive, but could be having the Guinness I think, shame as Hobgoblin is a nice pint..


Went to the Vue Cinema, next to Oxford United’s ground to see Warhorse tonight.

Warhorse PosterThe storyline is –
Dartmoor,1914: To his wife’s dismay farmer Narracott buys a thoroughbred horse rather than a plough animal, but when his teenaged son Albert trains the horse and calls him Joey, the two becoming inseparable. When his harvest fails, the farmer has to sell Joey to the British cavalry and he is shipped to France where, after a disastrous offensive he is captured by the Germans and changes hands twice more before he is found, caught in the barbed wire in No Man’s Land four years later and freed. He is returned behind British lines where Albert, now a private, has been temporarily blinded by gas, but still recognizes his beloved Joey. However, as the Armistice is declared Joey is set to be auctioned off. After all they have been through will Albert and Joey return home together?

The horses are the best ‘actors’, but definitely a film to see and on the big screen as well.