After the nice couple who had the Squire were forced out by the brewery putting up the rent a few months ago. Shame as they had turned it in to a nice pub, good food and a few groups or the landlord and regulars doing an impromptu keyboard ‘jamming’ session.
It had now returned to a dark, unwelcoming, pub with nothing good going for it. 

It was, we thought, only a matter of time before it was sold and turned into a block of flats.

BUT, now apparently the owners of either the Everest Nepalese Restaurant in Howards Street, off the Cowley Road or the Yeti Restaurant in Cowley Road has taken a TEN ?? year lease over the Squire and is turning it, or part of it, in to a Nepalese Restaurant, the pub, drinking bit, will still stay open.

Anyway more will be revealed on Friday 3rd February when it re-opens, so the sign hung outside informs.

UPDATE – Well the food looked nice, but unfortunately the £10 a head buffet was all booked and the Hobgoblin (take a look at the brewers web site here) was well and truly off, will go there soon, the menu looked extensive, but could be having the Guinness I think, shame as Hobgoblin is a nice pint..