Ole Man at the Allotment

January 2021, sees the snow with a frozen pond.

Could be another winter like last. with heaps of rain and flooding, now planting is going to happen soon.

Winter Digging Started and Pond in Autumn – November 2020

Allotment in 2003 and snowy December 2010

No fruit trees, or pond and bramble bush considerably smaller.
And no pine tree.

Allotment in June 2020

First Runner Beans – June 2020

Pond June 2020

Pond Project – May 2020

Last year was plagued by foxes, digging holes, knocking down netting, digging up and knocking down plants. Generally being a pain. So decided to clear a big area of brambles where they were living, sorry Mr (and Mrs) Fox. In doing so found a pond, in a bit of a sorry state. You can see it, just, in the picture above left.
No water in it as the plastic sheeting had perished.

Bought some new pond plastic liner sheeting and underlay over the winter. So in mid-May, dug it out, lined it and filled it with water, which took over two hours.
Plus replaced the broken, crazy, paving around it.

Just need to get some plants for it.

State of It – March 2020

After six months, when it rained almost every day, from September 2019 to almost February 2020, the allotment was rather flooded and took a fair bit of digging, before it was fit for the rotavator.

Slow Worms